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Jonathan D.T. Ward


DR. JONATHAN D. T. WARD has been studying the rise of China for more than a decade. From travels with truck caravans in Tibet and across the South China Sea by cargo ship in his early twenties, to accessing Communist Party archives that have now been closed to the world while a PhD candidate at Oxford, to consulting for the U.S. Department of Defense and Fortune 500 organizations, Dr. Ward has brought the experience of a traveler, the discipline of a scholar, and the insight of a strategy consultant to one of the toughest, biggest challenges of our time: what does China want, how will it try to get it, and what should America do? Dr. Ward is the Founder of Atlas Organization, a Washington DC and New York based consultancy focused on the rise of India and China, and US-China global competition. He speaks Russian, Chinese, Spanish, and Arabic.

A path-breaking work on Chinese global strategy, China’s Vision of Victory brings the reader to a new understanding of China’s grand-scale planning and ambitions. From seabed to space, from Africa to the Antarctic, from subsurface warfare to the rise of China’s global corporations, this book illuminates the greatest challenge of our lifetimes – the Chinese Communist Party’s ambition to end the American-led world and to bring about a century defined by Chinese power.


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China’s Vision of Victory a is landmark book on Chinese global strategy. It brings together numerous primary sources, both contemporary and historical, unveiling the grand strategic vision of China’s leaders, laying out the ambitions of the Chinese Communist Party and their project for the creation of a new world order, built on the ‘resurrection’ of China’s supremacy among nations. China’s leaders envision a turning point in history, the breaking up of the American-led global order, and the vanquishing of American power in the Pacific and beyond. Only when China has returned to its seat at the head of all nations, both in Asia and around the world, as the supreme power of the 21st Century, can the ‘great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation’ as China’s leaders call it, then be complete.

praise for “China’s Vision of Victory”

“The extraordinary rise of China is unprecedented in world history and the biggest geopolitical development of the first two decades of the 21st Century; it is likely to continue to be so for decades to come.  Jonathan Ward is very well qualified to document China’s extraordinary growth, and he describes it superbly in “China’s Vision of Victory,” a powerful work that is sure to provoke thought and serious reflection.”

– General David Petraeus, US Army (Ret.), former commander of coalition forces in Iraq and Afghanistan and US Central Command, and former Director of the CIA

“This book is a very timely Master Class on China. Everyone with a keen interest in China’s political, military and economic policy, past and present, should study this book carefully. Jonathan Ward’s gimlet-eyed analysis and prescriptive recommendations should be taken to heart by all”.

- Jack Devine, U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, author of Good Hunting: An American Spymaster's Story

“Jonathan Ward is a young scholar with not only all the necessary linguistic and travel credentials, but with something even more important, a vision of history rooted in geography that allows him to espy the future.”

- Robert D. Kaplan, author of Monsoon: The Indian Ocean and the Future of American Power

“I’ve long admired Jonathan’s determination to get to the truth, on the ground. It is rare to find someone able to combine politics, philosophy, linguistic expertise and hard travel – and bring it to bear on some of the toughest issues of our generation – Jonathan is one of those remarkable people”.

- Rory Stewart, author of The Places in Between and The Prince of Marshes

“Jonathan Ward has provided an eye-opening analysis of China’s strategic ambitions. He effectively demolishes the longstanding expectation in Washington that a prosperous rising China will be content to integrate itself into the Western international order—to the contrary, he demonstrates that Beijing’s objectives include nothing less than renovating that order to serve China’s own strategic interests. As the United States debates the future of its China policy, China’s Vision of Victory deserves the widest reading.”

- Ashley J. Tellis, Tata Chair for Strategic Affairs, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

“China’s Vision of Victory is a must-read for Western policy makers, intelligence agencies, chief executives, global investors, and globally-minded thinkers. It is a real-life page-turner, if ever there was one.”

- J. KYLE BASS, Founder & Chief Investment Officer of Hayman Capital Management

About the author

Dr. Jonathan D. T. Ward is the Founder of Atlas Organization, a consultancy focused on the rise of China and India, the new geopolitics of the Indo-Pacific, and US-China global competition. He completed his D.Phil. at Oxford in China-India relations and has traveled widely throughout China, India, and the Indo-Pacific Region. Dr. Ward has consulted for the Pentagon on Chinese long-term strategy and began studying Chinese global strategy, the Indian Ocean Region, and Maritime Asia for Oxford Analytica, the UK’s leading political risk consultancy.

Dr. Ward’s travels in the Indo-Pacific include traversing the South China Sea on an Indonesian cargo ship, hitch-hiking with truck drivers in the China-India Himalayan border regions, and getting stuck on a mountaintop in the Strait of Hormuz during travels with Omani fishermen in the Persian Gulf. As an undergraduate, Jonathan studied Philosophy, Russian, and Chinese language at Columbia University. He speaks Russian, Chinese, Spanish, and Arabic and has lived in Russia, China, India, Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East.

Dr. Ward is a member of the 2018 Next Generation National Security Leaders Fellowship program at the Center for a New American Security. He is a frequently invited speaker for public and private audiences in the United States, Europe, and Asia, on China, India, and the Indo-Pacific. He is also a Research Associate at the University of Oxford’s Changing Character of War Programme.


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